Aims and Goals

The following Aims and Goals were decided after a few rounds of discussion amongst members which were in turn based on the results of a survey of Aims and Goals by teachers.

1. We fight for the establishment of a living wage and decent working conditions for all English language teachers.
2. We aim to nurture grassroots, self-organised, horizontal activism in ELT.
3. We provide a pro-teacher space for critical debate with the aim of effecting change.
4. We advocate for ordinary working teachers and their everyday experiences.
5. We show solidarity and welcome collaboration with non-teaching workers.
6. We provide an environment for open but respectful critique, debate and action.
7. We fight discrimination in ELT on the basis of gender, race, disability, native language, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age or political orientation.
8. We organise around issues that teachers have to deal with in their working lives, such as precarity and build power with which to confront these issues.
9. We base TaWSIG on principles of voluntary participation, mutual aid and grassroots organization.
10. We promote collective bargaining as a framework for establishing rights and negotiating pay in the workplace.

Here is a pdf version – Aims and Goals print for you to share with colleagues.